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A community of like-minded people with a love for NFTs, sports, and sports betting.

Take your place among our 10,000 bears, predicting, competing, and collaborating for their share of more than 450ETH.

Drop date: 6 pm UTC 16/2/2022

Supply: 10,000

Mint price: 0.0888 ETH



Join the community withutility from day one.

Beard Bears will be launching with utility already in place before the presale even begins, with regular sneak peeks and explanations in our discord.

10,000 bears generated from1.3 billion possibilities

Each Beard Bear is made up from more than 160 variants across 7 traits. There are more than 1.3 billion possible variations, but only 10,000 will make it on to the Ethereum blockchain.

The end result is a sleuth of 10,000 unique Beard Bears ready to compete for their share of the community fund.

Here’s whereit all started…

The term beard can be used to describe someone who places bets on behalf of a high roller or a public figure. Some people want or need to stay anonymous and the beards they hire to act as a disguise – much like facial hair can help to hide someone’s identity.

Successful high rolling punters like Billy Walters couldn’t stake enough by betting themselves…

They were too sharp, so bookies and casinos would refuse to take their bets. The only way around this was to hire people to do the betting for them, allowing them to stay anonymous and under the radar. Beards (also known as runners) would be recruited to go around various casinos and bookies to place bets on their behalf and get a small cut for their efforts.

This is where the Beard Bears came in. For decades they have been placing bets for high rolling punters, as well as famous athletes, celebrities, and public figures. The Beard Bears have a reputation for being the most professional runners in the game – anyone who was anyone looking to bet big would hire the Beard Bears. Ever the professionals, the bears knew how to be discreet and how to stay under the radar for their employers.

But they’ve had enough.

They’ve seen the success of the guys that have paid their wages. They know how it’s done, they’ve seen it first hand. They’re more knowledgeable than most sports bettors across the globe. They’ve created a private community that’s 10,000 strong. A community where they can use their expertise to actually take a piece of the pie for themselves. No longer will they be putting in all the leg work for the big guys.

Now they ARE the big guys.

They are the Beard Bears.

Click here to find out more on the Beard Bear website

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Beard Bears
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