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The Bossy Bears NFT Drop will be this September 2021, Bossy Bears are a pack of 11,111 most nonconformist bears to have ever inhabited the country of Bearville. Each Bear has many individual characteristics, but their goal is one and the same, “To help a member of their clan become the first president of Bearville”. Your bear makes you a citizen of Bearville, giving you the ticket to participate in the ETH metaverse’s first country election & earn up to 20 ETH. Join us & experience the thrill, the highs, the lows, the friendship & the betrayals this election season for the ultimate position of power.

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bossy bears club nft drop


For millennia, Bearville was ruled by the “Golden Monarch” consisting of royal golden Bears. Their words were considered gospel, their atrocities unquestionable. Fear was pervasive and free speech non-existent. Generations passed by with poorly planned & unsuccessful revolts resulting in the carnage of revolting bears. Everything changed when the Bossy Bear generation came along. They created an impeccable coup strategy and rallied other bears street by street & clan by clan.

Eventually, they formed a guerilla army and declared war against the Golden Monarch. The Bossy Bears fought with a fervent will, but the golden Bears had divine powers. Swords were clinking and clashing under the churning sky. Mercury-red blood covered the streets of Bearville. Still, the faces of Bossy Bears were flashing like moon fire, determined to decimate the Golden Bears. After months of relentless battle, one afternoon, a spritz of blood spouted into the air from the body of the golden bear king. It seemed as if time stopped for a minute in Bearville. With their leader slain and morale disoriented, the royal clan surrendered.

Monarchy was forever abolished in Bearville. The philosophers debated for months and finally decided upon a decentralized democratic system. The once united Bears who fought alongside each other became belligerent. Ethnocentric views spread across the country. The Bossy Bears split into 4 clans, each rooting for a member of his clan to become the first president of Bearville & earn 10 ETH. The battleground is set again but this time, it’s one of intellect & shrewdness. Get a bear & join this rollercoaster ride and witness Bearville’s first presidential election.


Here is the current Bossy Bears Roadmap

10% Sold – 10 Bossy Bear NFTs will be airdropped to random token holders.

25% Sold – 5ETH will be added to Community Wallet.

40% Sold – Bossy Bears DAO will be established. Each token holder receives 1 vote.

50% Sold – $20,000 will be donated to the IBA Bear Conservation Fund.

70% Sold – Premium Shopify Bossy Bear Merch store will be launched.

75% Sold – Tag your bear & personalise it

80% Sold – 10 Holders will be randomly rewarded premium merchandise.

90% Sold – Liquidity Pool on NFT20.io will be launched.

95% Sold – 15ETH will be added to Community Wallet.

100% Sold – A surprise collection of Pet NFTs for Bossy Bears will be airdropped to all token holders.

Our Thoughts On Bossy Bears Club

Firstly the artwork on these is good enough to get the project off on the right foot, and secondly, the roadmap is solid enough to keep people interested.

I think that this is a good investment in an NFT for just 0.045 mint price it’s cheap and could easily be 2x for those of you that are flippers out there but long term it could easily be a 10x project.

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Bossy Bear Club NFT
4.0 rating
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