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“Chordus”, from ancient Latin, means “aftermath”, a name given to the galaxy after the devastating results that followed the dark intergalactic war. For thousands of years the five empires tried to establish dominance and rule the universe. The last attempt brought so much devastation that several star systems collapsed and caused a destructive chain effect. Finally, the five empire leaders agreed to conduct a formal tournament where each empire will send their mightiest heroes to represent them in a fight.  

The arena rules forbid using any non-melee weapons to test the true power of the heroes. Six of the most powerful and elements were gathered from all over the universe and brought to the arena where they can be forged by forge masters into Ancient Artifacts.  The arena was built in the ruins of the galaxy and was named after it “Chordus Arena”. The arena became the gathering place of the mightiest warriors in the Chordus Galaxy.

Presale: January 6th-7th.

Presale price: 0.05ETH.

Public sale: January 8th.

Public Price: 0.08ETH.

Total Supply: 10,000

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Ancient Artifacts

What Are They?

The competition rules allow only melee weapons. The only way to make a regular melee weapon stronger is by using one of the 6 special elements and incorporating them in the item.
Each element has special characteristics and it can provide not only increased powers, but also improved skills, stats and a special ability. Ancient Artifacts will provide a substantial advantage when entering Chordus Arena. Each Ancient Artifact will appear in your in-game inventory once you connect your wallet.

Another important role is that these artifacts provide the ability to enter a special mine and gather rare gems that can’t be mined with regular tools.


There are a total of 6 elements that can provide powerful enhancements.  The rarity and names of the elements is described below. Neutral element has no added special ability/skill, only enhancements, stats and damage. 
The rarer the element, the better the ability will be! (will have a more substantial effect on the battle).


Each Ancient Artifact has a chance of receiving bonus stats upon creation. The number of bonus stats determines the Rank of the Artifact and each Rank is decorated with an appropriate frame for convenience.

Stat Rolls

Every single Ancient Artifact has two base stats which are MIN Damage and MAX Damage. On top of that each Ancient Artifact has a chance of receiving bonus stats upon creation. The value of the bonus stat is also random within a range. Values can be found in thw Whitepaper.
Of course, the higher the roll, the better!

Game Aspects / Utility

The main utility of the project is a unique and original multiplayer game that includes several aspects that fit a very broad audience.
The game is not only play-to-earn but also greatly enjoyable, fun and challenging. The whitepaper describes in detail the game mechanics and can provide more information about why this game is unlike any other.


The main aspect of the game is the PVP mode where Gladiators can team up and fight in the arena. XP is the best way of earning as you get tokens for every level-up.
Game modes include: Duels, Team Match, Guild Wars and Siege Battles.


The ability to plan in a PVE mode will be implemented. The main modes will include a Practice Mode where you can gain xp fighting with bots, a World Boss and Daily Quests.


Every player, even those who don’t own an Ancient Artifact, can participate in mining. Once entered the mine shaft, a player can mine gold and other valuable items. 
There are two mines: Simple Mine for everyone and Enhanced Mine that only allows Artifact holders In. Enhanced mines have bonus items and much more resources to mine.


Every Ancient Artifact holder will have the option to stake/rent his gear to other Gladiators.  Not every Gladiator can afford owning an Ancient Artifact, but also not every Ancient Artifact holder has time to play. That mechanism allows holders to earn passive income by renting their gear to other players and by that ensuring a healthy and interesting financial ecosystem.

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Chordus Arena Details

5.0 rating

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Chordus Arena
5.0 rating
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