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Greetings, Traveller! Ready for a collection of a lifetime? We know for sure – you are up for it! You will plunge into the atmosphere of the Darkest World, collect epic cards and unravel mysteries of this gloomy and hostile place. Ruthless bandits, abominable undead, various golems, and demons are ready to set you off on a collection spree, that might lead you to find the one and only Hero!

  • Limited supply of only 392 cards
  • Unique artwork of 24 characters, 5 locations, and 5 skill levels
  • Proprietary deflationary upgrade mechanics (any three of a kind cards must be burned to mint a leveled up character)
  • Early Pass and in-game utilities for upcoming Darkest Metaverse projects

Drop date: 2nd February 2022

Mint price: 0.2 ETH

Total Supply: 392

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15×17 upgradable Mob cards

8×17 upgradable Boss cards

1x animated Hero card

The first edition collection consists of 392 cards with 24 unique characters. Collect three of a kind to level up, but hurry if you want to max out your favorite card!

Darkest Heroes NFT Collection is based on our Darkest AFK game with over 1 million downloads in App Store and Google Play

Collect, Upgrade and Win!

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Q4 2021 Level UP mechanics are implemented. Cards can be combined to mint an upgraded character

Q1 2022 Series 1 collection becomes available on OpenSea.io. NFTs are minted on Ethereum

Q2 2022 Series 2 collection containing a new set of completely unique characters ships to OpenSea.io

Q3 2022 DARKEST token is airdropped to all NFT holders unlocking additional Levels and Powers to each character PvE mechanics are implemented making it possible to farm DARKEST tokens through battles

Q4 2022 Series 3 collection is launched

Q1 2023 New Levels and Upgrades unlock

Q2 2023 Characters become playable in our Darkest Heroes game. Darkest Metaverse is launched

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Darkest Heroes
5.0 rating
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