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Original concept and passive income is possible

Earth has run out of resources essential for the survival of humankind. Humanity is on the brink of destruction. Maybe with a little bit of luck, we can find the means for life outside of Earth. It is up to you and your fellow explorers to go deep into the vast unknown. The final frontier. Space. To find the resources to survive.

There are 12 different types of planets. You will use the Proof-Of-Work consensus algorithm to mine them. The process is basically what Bitcoin and Ethereum miners do: finding a hash based on the last mined token hash and your own unique address. This hash should meet a certain criteria. The difficulty and cost to mine is determined by a number of planets in existence. Every time planet count doubles or is halved, mint cost and difficulty will also be double or halved respectively. The mining process will be run on your browser. The early ones should be mined in a few seconds.

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deep space nft

When you find a new planet, you can mint it on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique token. The planet type will be calculated based on the hash you’ve found and will be stored on-chain. Each time a new token is minted, a portion of its minting cost will be randomly assigned to the holders of a previously mined token as shared revenue. The rarer the planet type, the higher the revenue share will be given for holding a token. You can see different planet types with their corresponding revenue share percentage in the table below:


These are programmed into the smart contract and will be executed automatically in the minting transaction. You can withdraw your revenue whenever you want. There are also other traits that don’t affect the revenue share. All traits are calculated dynamically based on your token’s hash and will be revealed after mint. Minting cost and general difficulty will be doubled whenever the number of minted tokens doubles. The planets are standard ERC721 tokens so you can view and trade them on OpenSea.

You are Earth’s last hope. Good luck explorer!

Our Thoughts On Deep Space Nfts

With a top developer at the helm this original project can earn passive eth for HODLers is worth a look at the very least, many people have won back eth from their investment me included.

The chance to win a jackpot on every mint now is also a welcome introduction, currently standing at 0.5 eth one lucky winner will win this along with their NFT.

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4.3 rating

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Deep Space NFT
4.3 rating
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