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9999 carefully curated spaces, to be virtually real in decentraland.

Doodle Rooms is a series of 9999 carefully curated spaces in the form of rooms. Holding a Doodle Room will give you access to the Doodle Room ecosystem that will include an airdrop of the actual 3D version of the room that you hold. This 3D version will be a part of a tower on DECENTRALAND on the Doodle estate. Please read our whitepaper for more details.

Drop date: 28th Jan 2022 presale, 31st Jan 2022 Public

Supply: 9999

Mint price: 0.02 ETH

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Roadmap For Doodle Rooms

Phase 1Public Mint Jan 2022

In phase 01 of the project, each Doodle Room is a PNG file of 2000 x 2000 dimensions that contains the rasterized form of the vector art. These files are the keys to the Doodle ecosystem. Anyone who owns this Key is rewarded with a utility element in phase 02. Each Doodle Room will be available for 0.02ETH and when bought in bundles will cost less namely – 0.05ETH for 3 Doodle Rooms and 0.06 ETH for 5 Doodle Rooms. Each wallet will be allowed a maximum of 5 Doodle Rooms during mint. The presale will host about 3000 Doodle Rooms for sale and the public sale will host 6999 Doodle Rooms for sale. 

Phase 2 – 3D Rooms April 2022

In phase 02 of the Doodle Rooms project, The person owning the vector mint will be given a chance to free mint the 3d version of the same contract. In this phase, the vector mint becomes a collectible from the genesis collection. The model will be in the .glTF(Graphics Language Transmission Format) that has come to become the standard version for 3d metaverse projects. This utility mint will be the standard for Doodle Rooms. Along with the Utility mint, we will provide the 3d Render as unlockable content for Open Sea and PFP purposes.

Phase 3 – Decentraland Estate Jun 2022

An estate of significant size to house the Doodle Tower will be bought on decentral. The proceeds that will be used to buy the estate will come from the community wallet which is 15% of the primary sales( If required the creators wallet will also fund the same)
This estate will house the Doodle tower designed by the Doodle team with multiple floors hosting multiple Rooms.

Phase 4 – Room integration Aug 2022

Each Room is integrated into the tower on certain floors that can be accessed from Decentraland. The tower will be accessible and each room will open into another web3.0 site where your Room can be viewed in 3d in this stage.

Phase 5 – Public Spaces Sep 2022

Public spaces are designed and inaugurated in the tower which is open to be rented out for events for monetization. The functions include – casinos, concert halls, sports facilities, and cinema theaters. The money that is made from hosting events in the public spaces of Doodle tower is split proportionally amongst the owners of the rooms corresponding to their respective contracts.

Phase 6 – VR Integration Oct 2022

Each room will be hosted in a VR environment where you can actually walk around your room and see all the details clearly. In addition to this, we are creating a marketplace for 3d glTF files to be integrated into the Doodle environment. We will involve collaborators, designers, and artists to create their glTF file that can be bought to improve your room in the Doodle Tower. Example – Imagine buying an “Eames lounge chair” and placing it into your room.

Phase 7 Tower 2 Jan 2023

On the successful deployment of the tower, the community wallet keeps on getting filled with a small portion of the monetization from the public spaces and advertisements inside Doodle tower. Scouting and purchasing for second Doodle Tower is initiated with 35% of the primary sales of Tower 2 directly being split amongst owners of Tower 01.  The process is repeated until we hit equilibrium. There will be a fixed period staking condition to receive all benefits . A person cannot buy a room before an event and sell it after the event and earn money for it. The owner should have staked it and the amount of staking time will also be factored in when the monetization is split amongst users.

Room Types

0Artboard 2_2x.png


Doodle Rooms

Doodle rooms account for 70% of the collection with their own internal rarity parameters. Doodle rooms include living spaces such as bedrooms, office spaces, hospital spaces, museum spaces, and living rooms.

0Artboard 2 copy 2_2x.png


Special Rooms

Special rooms are artistically curated by our designers and consist of special functions namely casinos, snooker rooms, bars and other exciting spaces. Special rooms account for 10% of the collection.

0Artboard 2 copy 3_2x.png


Doodle Heroes

Covid has dismantled the world partly by part and without the medical fraternity, we would not exist. As a dedication to our covid warriors, we have introduced the Corona heroes into 6% of our collection.

0Artboard 2 copy 4_2x.png


Doodle Objects

How can someone not like easter eggs? We love them too. We have secretly placed different kinds of easter eggs in 6% of our collection and we are really excited for the lucky ones who snatch them.

0Artboard 2 copy 5_2x.png


Doodle Aliens

Are aliens for real? Does Santa Claus exist? These are questions that have haunted us through our childhood. Why leave it to chance? 6% of our collection will feature aliens and of course Santa Claus.



Doodle RGB

Psychedelic much? Welcome your friends into your RGB and gradient rooms that account for a very small percentage of the entire collection. 

0Artboard 2 copy_2x.png


Doodle Sketch

The rarest of them all. The Genisis Sketch. This is where it all began. 2% of the collection, precisely 200 pieces will feature as a sketch. This is dedicated to our design ethos.



Doodle Events

A very small portion of the entire collection is dedicated to real-life events that have been depicted in rooms, some might be controversial and some might be historical. Imagine gladiators and the Moon landing.

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Doodle Rooms NFT Details

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Doodle Rooms NFT
5.0 rating
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