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GHØST GIRL’S vision for Glitch Girls is to create dynamic contrasting characters (Light and Dark) that can then be fused together to create new combinations. She’s chosen items and color ways that are opposing yet complementary to each other with this in mind.

Finding power through femininity and sexuality is a running theme throughout her art. She had a difficult time with this while growing up and uses that energy to fuel her artistic expression.

Through creating these characters, making them fun and empowering, she hopes that feeling reaches others. She wants Glitch Girls to be community-driven and a collaboration with her fans.

Her vision in creating this project is to create a channel through which we can form more meaningful connections, building an awesome community together!

ghost girls artwork

Drop date: October 22nd 2021

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

Supply: 6969

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Lindon, also known as GHØST GIRL, is a 27 year old Asian American visual artist best known for her 3D animations and VJ performances.

Many of her inspirations come from anime, video games, and personal experiences. She’s been contributing to the NFT community for a little over a year. She’s found it to be an amazing journey and a community she’s fallen in love with! GHØST GIRL treasures the friends she’s made and has been thrilled by their support and enthusiasm for her art. She’s filled with gratitude to see her work received in ways she never imagined nor expected.

By creating and sharing Glitch Girls she’s committing to continuing the creative, collaborative journey with her fans.


Scattered throughout this already stunning collection are specially created 1/1 pieces by Ghost Girl on themes that she found moving, heart-breaking, resonating, hilarious, cool, and plenty of other emotions besides.

These detailed hand-crafted Glitch Girls with entirely unique art are for lucky minters to find, and aspiring collectors to own!

Pictured is Ghost Girl’s tribute to a certain gamer girl who successfully marketed her bathwater. Ghost girl’s experience with streamer girls led her to create this awesome capture of a cultural moment in time and preserve it forever on the blockchain.


  • 6969: Supply – Amount to be minted in total
  • 1743: Presale – Amount to be privately minted, given to those who support the community or those who own previous work from GHOST GIRL
  • 3000: Public Register – Uses a Register mechanism to allow you to pre-register for minting slots, this makes gas cheaper, and is more about who can get on the website fastest. (Is Bot Proof)
  • 2226: Public RAW – Classic minting with a twist! We prevent all bots. Minting can only done via website.


  • //Oct 22: Minting Day!

Our Thoughts On The Glitch Girls NFT Drop

Wow-what can we say about the artwork on these, they are absolute fire!, Take a look at their website they offer something very unique in the NFT sphere, this is not just another animal drop!

I would defo recommend going for the whitelist early!

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Glitch Girls NFT Details

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Glitch Girls NFT
5.0 rating
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