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Collect Llamas & let them earn for you!

LlamaPalooza is a collection of 10,000 stake-able NFT Llamas living on the Ethereum blockchain! Take care of your Llama, yield $GRASS tokens and participate in regular competitions for hundreds of ETH!

Drop date:

Supply: 10,000

Mint price: 0.04 ETH

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Meet Llamagochi, Revolution in NFT Gaming!

Llamas just wanna have fun……and earn some $GRASS

Play mini-games and compete with your friends in LvL (Llama vs Llama) to win rare NFT equipment, other NFTs, and more $GRASS for your Llama!

A higher level of your llama means a better chance in giveaways and other competitions! (Super Cars, Macbooks, iPhones, Trips)

Make your Llama truly yours!

By earning $GRASS, you can customize how your llama looks and feels in the game!

Buy funny outfits, legendary items, and mix all combinations to make your llama really unique! Don’ forget to also get some treats! Happy llama yields more $GRASS!

Stable your Llama and yield $GRASS!

Based on the rarity level, each Llama can claim up to 10 $GRASS per day (Legendary Llama 10 $GRASS, Rare Llama 5 $GRASS, Unusual Llama 2 $GRASS and Common Llama 1 $GRASS).

Make sure you’re Llama is happy! Happier Llamas earn more $GRASS!

Mint Plan (Roadmap)

Here is the roadmap for Llamapalooza NFTs…

25% Sold

Discord VIP channel with the Voting system only for holders

2 Legendary Llamas distributed to random Llama hodlers wallets

50% Sold

Airdrop $50,000 in ETH among 10 random llama owners

4 Legendary Llamas distributed to random Llama hodlers wallets

75% Sold

Start working on exclusive Merch Store for Llama hodlers only

6 Legendary Llamas distributed to random Llama hodlers wallets

100% Sold

Airdrop $100,000 in ETH among 20 random llama owners

8 Legendary Llamas distributed to random Llama hodlers wallets


Here is some useful answers to the most asked questions about Llamapalooza.

What is LlamaPalooza?

LlamaPalooza is a collection of 10,000 llamazing computer-generated NFTs with unique traits. Each llama is also a ticket to a brand new mobile app called Llamagochi where you can feed your llama, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up.

Why should i buy a Llama?

With Llama, you’ll be able to yield $GRASS tokens and participate in regular competitions for hundreds of ETH!

Secondly, you get full commercial use rights of your Llama. Whether you want to use it to promote your own project, start a merch with Llamas or anything else. It’s only up to you.

What is $GRASS?

$Grass is a utilitary token used in the Llamagochi app to participate in regular competitions, customize your llama, obtain extra items, and much more in the future.

Is the $GRASS token gonna be listed on Uniswap?

We’re planning to list the $GRASS token on Uniswap and regular exchanges soon.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency – in our case $GRASS.

What is NFT farming?

NFT farming is an emerging concept which involves staking NFTs for a reward, or staking tokens for an NFT as a reward.

When does the official minting start?

We will announce this on our discord 72h before! Don’t miss it!

Is there gonna be a presale?

Yes my fren, there is gonna be a presale for our community members. All details will be revealed on our Discord when the right time comes.

How much does the mint cost?

All llamas cost 0.07 ETH to mint. No discounts. We don’t wanna handicap community members who mint later.

How does the minting work?

It’s a very easy process. Llamas can be minted on our website during the initial release. All you need to do is to connect your wallet (e.g. MetaMask or TrustWallet), set how many Llamas you want to mint and hit the “Mint” button.

When and Where can i see my Llamas?

We will do an official reveal 48 hours after finishing mint. You’ll be able to see it on our web and on opensea.io.

How can I get the Legendary hand-made llama?

To make sure that the Legendary Llamas are distributed randomly and fairly during the whole minting process, we’ve decided to gradually drop them on Llama hodlers wallets on 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% minting milestones. Buying a Llama early on means a higher chance to receive the legendary Llama!

What’s the community wallet?

Our community wallet (0xc1941b2b4b1b7e2cf169855ef1b48a7a00583c04) serves for purchasing interesting art around the metaverse. In the upcoming weeks, we’re planning to give away most of it to our community!

How is Tokenomics?

We have reserved 100 Llamas for the team and promotion purposes, such as giveaways to grow our community. 9880 Llamas can be minted during the initial sale and the 20 legendary hand-made Llamas are gradually distributed among Llama hodlers.

How can I contact you?

Drop us a message at our Discord!

Our Thoughts On the Llamapalooza NFT drop

Tons of potential utility for this NFT drop and a good roadmap for an NFT that not only has earning potential but fun along the way too.

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llamapalooza NFT Details

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4.3 rating

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llamapalooza NFT
4.3 rating
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