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MBA is a COMMUNITY driven WEB 3.0 MUSIC Project

Drop date: 3rd April 2022

Supply: 3664

Mint price: 0.1664 eth

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music bear awards nft

MUSIC is at the project CORE

Our curated collection takes inspiration from, iconic music album covers, music awards, and iconic moments where music culture played a big part.

From sound to a record, music has the power to dictate a feeling and bring back memories and the MBA is the space to share these momentums.


Our inspiration for the BEAR as the main character comes from a famous music artist that showed us that nothing is impossible!
With similar energy, our goal is to use our experience in the music industry, our network & connection with the music community & music scene to build tomorrow’s sound, develop or launch future music artists. 
More than just a fan or curator you are now a board member and future stakeholder!


In Progress

The Community

Create our own circle. “ Work it, make it, do it Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger “

In Progress

The Ensemble AKA Music book club

Create a music book club that will impact the music industry. Giving back the music industry keys to whom they belong: the music community. Ensemble we will revolutionize the music industry.

In Progress

The Creative hub

Utilize our strong experience, resourcing and network to develop today the artist of tomorrow. Ensemble we will help talented “low-key” artist(s) to get their flowers.

In Progress


Become a Movement. We will rep our own exclusive merch


Entertainment: Physical concert

Our Community deserves benefits. Being a part of our community will give you exclusive access to music events & concerts on planet earth.



COMMUNITY is key to our (he)art and it starts from the ground up, from the roots… We will donate to the non-profit association(s) supporting youth in marginalized families through music and other kinds of arts.

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Music Bear Awards
3.5 rating
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