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Muttnik NFTs celebrate the legendary cosmic canine friends who paved the way for human space flight.


Muttniks are the Earth’s first Cosmic Paw pioneers. Our artistic process: The Muttniks team is a group of real-life friends, actual kind humans, true dog lovers (and all animals, really), working space professionals, and career artists–ensuring the Muttniks history, legacy, and bravery is remembered, preserved, retold, and celebrated on the blockchain. The Muttniks actual bravery is unquestioned and unparalleled. Their sacrifice is real. And their contribution, until now, has gone largely unrecognized. In real life, the space flights of the real Muttniks contributed immensely to the advent and safety of space flight and ultimately humankind’s ability to be better (kinder) human beings, and worthy of becoming a multi-planetary species.

Laika, Tsygan, Dezik, Lisa, and all the Muttniks (there have been nearly 100 dogs from all the world’s space programs who have been to space) are names we get to hold high and to revere, especially those special Muttniks who made the ultimate sacrifice! Muttniks NFTs are placeholders in history–until the time when we can invent a time machine and go round them up and save them. (The actual plan!)

The Muttniks NFTs collection is generated from randomized original character layers created through a standard ERC-721 contract and backed by IPFS file storage and registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Here is the Muttniks roadmap..

MINT 101

The owners of the first 101 tokens become part of the 101 Foundation. This group will be given free airdrops, access to in-person parties, community voting rights, and other privileges/surprises for as long as they hold their Laika Muttnik NFT.

MINT 1000

1k club gets exclusive access to their own discord where free Muttniks will be given out, limited edition NFTs will be dropped, and virtual events will be held.

MINT 2,500

The Remix channel will be opened in discord for any Muttnik owner to post remixes*. The best remix artist will be given a chance to use the generator – see MINT 6,000.(Remixes = A new NFT derived from you Muttnik by either you as an artist or in collaboration with a community artist of your choice).

MINT 5,000

Cosmic Paws will begin working on custom merchandise accessible exclusively to all Muttnik owners.

MINT 6,000

Muttnik Foundation 101 and all Muttnik token holders will vote for their favorite remix artist in the Remix channel. One of the highest voted artists will be given the opportunity to create the art for the next Cosmic Paws drop.

MINT 7,500

The selected Remix Artist is announced and onboarded for the next generative NFT project.

MINT 10,000

This is where we are most excited. As dedicated dog-lovers, the founders will make a very special announcement of much interest to all Muttkind.

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Muttniks NFT
3.8 rating
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