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Old Master Meme Gallery, The “Louvre” of modern digital art!

Welcome to the Old Master Meme Gallery

The Old Master Memes are a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated and beautifully animated NFTs. Each OMM has a story to tell and is a tribute to the “old” and the “new” era. It transports well-known content embedded in a beautiful artwork. In addition, each OMM is prepared for a real-world experience at your home.

Drop date: After sell out

Mint price: 0.069 ETH in community-sale and 0.08 ETH in public-sale

Supply: 10,000

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Buy an OMM with fair distribution

The OMMG contains 10,000 animated NFT portraits, inspired by Old Master paintings and memes. These digital collectables are completely unique pieces of digital art. Some have traits that are ultra-rare. All OMMs will be listed for a fixed price of 0.08 ETH. To ensure a fair distribution the minting system will choose the OMM you get randomly. By joining us on Discord, you will have the opportunity to get one of the 2000 presale packages for being an active member. Please have a look at our FAQ section to get more information.

The Old Master Meme Background

In ancient culture, painters expressed their view of the world in oil paintings. Some paintings from ancient times contained outrageous criticism in the form of ironic or hidden messages only insiders understood. Even music compositions or unspeakable secrets (for the ancient times, at least) can be read out of these paintings. For insiders, these allusions were part of their culture: knowing and understanding something others cannot see or comprehend.

The internet culture created the meme as a “standard” to express feelings, opinions, or just make fun of something in a way every insider understands. These widely used, spread, and changed images or animations are, in some countries, a way to express criticism or to identify members as insiders and trustees.

The Old Master Meme Gallery (OMMG) combines the old with the new and makes insiders to collectors. OMMG is the art collectors place to be: An art gallery that exhibits a series of 10.000 unique collectable pieces. It combines the Old Master’s elegance with the symbolic, ironic and contemporary style of well-known memes. You can find a more detailed explanation in our Medium Post: “The story behind the Old Master Meme Gallery”.

The OMMG Exhibition Hall

Owning an Old Master Meme grants you membership to the Old Master Meme Gallery. The membership gives you exclusive access to future drops, the right to participate in NFT Governance and events. You will be part of a new art movement that would have been pleasurable for all the Old Masters.

The exhibition hall is a members-only Discord channel within the Old Master Meme Gallery where real art lovers can discuss the meanings and sights of the OMM art. You need to validate your ownership of at least one OMM NFT to get entrance.

NFT Governance

Each Old Master Meme NFT is a voice to vote in the Old Master Meme Gallery Project. OMM owners will be asked about decisions within our Discord channels and can decide.

Each voter’s decision weighs as much as many OMM NFTs are owned.

Real world experience

Each OMM is made with 3D experience at your home in mind.

OMMG Roadmap

Here is the roadmap for the OMMG NFT drop..

20% Sold

We launch the Gallery Exhibition Hall, our members-only Discord channel.

30% Sold

We airdrop 5 OMM NFTs to our early adopters and supporters with the higher community ranks to reward early adopters and active members.

50% Sold

A $35,000 digital art donation fund will be established.

60% Sold

We all collectively decide which 3 digital art projects should be supported to raise the community and to get some early works from these project for the OMMG members.

70% Sold

We airdrop 10 OMM NFTs to our OMM NFT Collectors.

80% Sold

We will unveil more information about the OMMG Framing Service and the deflationary system of OMM.

90% Sold

We start a grant fund of $50,000. Projects that strive to bring value to the community will receive funding from the OMMG team.

100% Sold

We start the revealing process right after sold out.

Our Thoughts On The OMMG NFT Drop

Certainly has a lot of potential and focuses around the art side more than the NFT PFP side of things with PFPs beginning to run out of steam this drop could breath new life into the markets

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Old Master Meme Gallery NFTs Details

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Old Master Meme Gallery NFTs
5.0 rating
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