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It’s with great pleasure, and long-awaited enthusiasm, that we are gladly poised to present this first glimpse into our upcoming and dynamically exciting new project. Conceived and thoughtfully designed with unfettered entertainment and virtually endless value–as we invite you to join this unique community of discerning artists and collectors–an experience the likes of which has of yet not been attempted, we have the honored and privileged opportunity of Introducing the newest and most engaging NFT project of its kind.

Drop date: TBA

Mint price: 0.1 ETH

Supply: 7777

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What Are PerilousPetz

What does owning a pet mean?

In a distant city tucked deep in the metaverse, Petz have taken over. They roam free, having overrun Peril City to take control and rule after eradicating humankind. There is an urban legend told by Petz about a mutation-like infestation that spreads like wildfire, legend has it that the mutations can only happen to adults and it makes them grow stronger, more menacing, and ultimately a threat to take over Peril City. The only thing stopping the Mutantz from taking over Peril City are the apex creatures of Peril City, they are the Elder Petz who have fought so valiantly to overthrow the slave owning humans. Mutantz called for a winner takes all battle. Petz have accepted the challenge.




7,777 total, 7,500 of which will be available at 0.1 ETH. 2,500 Whitelist Spots, Maximum of 3 Mints per wallet. 277 NFTs will be minted by the marketing wallet. After whitelist mint, any remaining supply will be rolled over to a public mint. This initial supply of mints will be categorized as Alpha Petz mints. (Our unique terminology for Genesis) **Marketing wallet is for the team and marketing purposes.



Within 90 days of sell out, the Elder Petz will be available to mint. This will be a free mint for holders, they only need to pay gas. Mutantz will follow very soon thereafter. Elder Petz will be the adult version of the Alpha Petz, but they will not generate a token. ONLY THE ALPHA PETZ WILL EVER GENERATE TOKEN.



Once all 7,777 Perilous Petz have been minted, we will begin work to work on the token contract. Perilous Petz holders will gain access to earning $PERIL in addition to all other benefits within the ecosystem such as minting Elderz and Mutantz. The token will be introduced slightly before the game, so everyone has enough time and tokens to jump directly into the battle arena.



The battle arena will consist of a game which will give you Street Fighter/Pokémon vibes. We are very excited to bring this to fruition! Also, the Alpha OG role from discord will get the first crack at the battle arena as soon as the demo is ready. Aiming for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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Perilous Petz Details

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Perilous Petz
5.0 rating
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