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Art and HIGH demand

The goal of Primates is to create a brand that facilitates a seamless adoption of the web3 space through our community-fueled ventures and collaborations.

Drop date: June 14th, 2022

Mint price: TBA (SOL)

Supply: 10,000

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Fuck your shitty NFT merch. Anyone can write their project name in a cursive font and slap it on black 10¢ Gildan shirt and then sell it to you for $50, and you’ll still buy it because you have no drip.

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We’re changing shit up.

Instead of just releasing cookie-cutter merch, we’re building a streetwear brand. Influenced by Supreme and Palace, we will be following a similar seasonal release structure where once the season starts you can expect highly limited weekly collection drops.

We’re also hiring a fashion designer that has experience in running a successful streetwear brand. This means you can expect high-quality garments and experimental designs that are exclusive to Primates.

We’re not limiting ourselves to some basic ass shirts and hoodies either. You can expect some crazy accessories. I know that “Accessories” is a pretty broad term so let me give you some examples. Wallets, bongs, figurines, rings, skateboards, glasses, playing cards, chapstick (just kidding, you won’t be needing this anytime soon), electric lighters, insulated water bottles, belts, socks, ash trays, + a plethora of other items.

Our goal with this venture is to introduce our project and the NFT space to people that are primarily focused on streetwear collecting and reselling. This is a target demographic for us as the streetwear audience is primarily under the age of 25. Creating buzz around our brand in the streetwear community will boost our brand awareness and exposure immensely.

Pairing up our weekly drops with immediate secondary listings on platforms such as StockX is a goal of ours. This will drive more hype and attention towards the weekly drops.

Holders will have access to exclusive holders only pieces from our collections as well as early access to drops. Having this utility for Primates holders will drive demand for our NFTs from the fashion collectors/resellers who are looking to have higher chances at scoring their favorite pieces. If you’ve ever tried to buy a supreme box log on release day or a pair of hyped sneakers off the snkrs app, you know that bots absolutely rail the average collector by making it nearly impossible to check out in time. In crypto terms, the Primates NFT will basically allow you to skip the “gas war” when it comes to collecting pieces from the drop but in reality the gas war is just thousands of other people/bots trying to check out an item with a very scarce supply.

We will also be integrating Solana Pay into our digital storefront. This will allow you to connect your wallet and purchase items from our drops directly with SOL from your phantom wallet. You can read more about Solana Pay here.

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4.5 rating

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Primates NFT
4.5 rating
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