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Once upon a time, in a Duck Kingdom far, far away, there lived an insanely good-looking couple of Ducks king and queen who longed for children.

After some time of trying, they finally had 4.444 eggs, all mutually hatching in what was foreseen as the biggest nest ever crafted in kingdom’s history.

Drop Date: October 28th 2021

Mint Price: 0.1 Sol

Total Supply: 8888

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SolDuck NFTs

Everyone in the kingdom speculated that those ducklings were going to be the most beautiful baby birds on earth given the combination of both their parent’s genetics. To celebrate the joyous event, the king and the queen organized a big party and invited all the kingdom’s inhabitants.

The ecstasy was at such a level that they even decided to invite other realms, such as the well-known “disgusting foxes”, “scabby bears” and even the “farty badgers”.

The gathering proceeded happily and, when it was over, everyone was invited to walk towards the nest to bestow on the future children their best wishes. When it was finally the turn of the foxes, bears, and badgers, each and every one of them, driven by a gigantic amount of jealousy and without even plotting together beforehand, respectively wished on the nest to hatch the ugliest possible creatures.

The coordinated will was so deep and strong that it actually worked. Days later, the birdlings came into the world with absolutely horrendous faces, some say 3/4 of the midwives straight up puked their guts out because of the monstrosity of what they had just witnessed.

Since this day, each one of these ugly m* sweared to get their revenge and in order to achieve this task formed what is now known across all kingdoms around the world as the gang of the “Sol Ducks”.

What is a SolDuck exactly?

The ducks are 60×60 pixels art collectibles, generated algorithmically. Most of them looks ugly. Actually, all of them are. Yet a tiny portion of these lil nuggets holds rare, powerful items. You may be tempted to say that they are just random, standard, disgusting smelly-ass birdlings piece of sh**. But be very careful with your words, or me & you will fight on the blockchain.

How do I get a SolDuck?

‍1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called Phantom. This will allow websites (like the one you’re on right now) to interact with you & your Solana wallet. ‍ ‍

2. If you made a new account, buy some Solanas. The Phantom wallet needs to be filled with it, you can deposit them from FTX (or any other Solana wallet) by clicking on “receive”. ‍ ‍

3. Once you have the plugin installed, our website will -hopefully- recognize it automatically and launch it to mint a SolDuck directly in the interface. If it doesn’t, just force the process by clicking on the button below.

Our Thoughts On SolDucks

Seems like a funny interesting project which could catch on and do very well, With a cheap mint price and some potential to get rare, they’re set to be on a marketplace, unlike many other Sol NFT drops.

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SolDuck NFTs Details

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3.5 rating

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SolDuck NFTs
3.5 rating
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