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The first entertainment DAO project in Japan.

“SUPER SAPIENSS” will be jointly produced and directed by three directors who have led the Japanese entertainment and film industry: Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro, and Yuichi Sato, and film producer Takeshi Moriya.

Together with the supporters, they will take on the challenge of “the entire process from the creation of the original story to its visualization and distribution (distribution),” a first in the history of the Japanese film industry.

Drop Date: Dec 2022

Mint Price: Possibly 0.01 Eth

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History of Humankind + Super Powers + Reincarnation

202*, Japan. There were numerous murders are caused by goldfishes.

Erika Tamaki from the Special Department of Public Safety and Paranormal Matter Supposition Group(Para Matter) together with old hand detective Denzou Yamanaka and a new graduate from The University of Tokyo Yukine Tachibana starts the investigation.

Bullets in the shape of goldfish, vanishing bodies, relics from the age of Gods.. Erika and the group come into contact with various “Abnormal phenomena” to finally reach upon the keyword: “The Wrath of Neanderthal”.

This is a story that focuses on Erika, Denzou and Yukine who face the big “Mystery” taking its roots in the history of humanity.

– NFT –

Generative NFT based on the world of SUPER SAPIENSS

Your NFT, your will, will enter the world of WEBTOON and movies and solve cases and mysteries together with the main characters…

You are the creator of SUPER SAPIENSS!

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5.0 rating
Super Sapiens
5.0 rating
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