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Great Artwork And potential for future blue-chip project

Welcome to VektorX!

VektorX is an algorithmically developed collection of 7,500 NFTs featuring members of our Council.

Join an exciting community with the goal of building and returning wealth to our members through the VektorX DAO and fractionalization.

Your vote counts and will help determine the path of our evolving community. Join our Discord server and establish yourself as a member of the Council!

Drop date: TBA but penciled in for 3rd December 2021

Supply: 7500

Mint price: TBA

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The year is 3100 and civilization as we know it is gone. Centuries of capitalism and greed nearly destroyed our world, leaving the planet void of all-natural resources while turning the environment into a toxic wasteland. Our planet and way of life was on the brink of extinction…until one day a group of students from the territory of Vektor developed a new technology that freed our people. Our reliance on natural resources immediately came to a halt and our world slowly began to heal.

By harnessing the energy from Etherorbs, VektorX eventually became the new world order. The Council was formed consisting of the original 10 members.

Through their newfound democratic government, the members vote on how to utilize and ration our most abundant and critical resource, Etherorbs. The Council now calls on you, the citizens of Vektor, to use your voice and vote…….. About the project:

VektorX is an algorithmically developed collection of 7,500 NFTs featuring members of our Council. As a holder, you’re entitled to vote. Your votes will determine how our project reinvest our royalties in order to acquire more valuable assets. Our main focus is around two areas; acquiring Metaverse land and blue chip NFTs.

We plan to fund our DAO and Fractionalization procedure with the proceeds from the mint, as well as contributing 50 ETH to the liquidity pool in order to purchase our first digital asset. Please join our council as we expand our new world order. Intellectual Property: We are providing our new council with full intellectual property rights for all our NFTs.

This means you’re able to commercialize your newly minted art and create merchandise or other items to create a revenue stream for you.

Our Thoughts On The VektorX Drop

We think that this project has all the hallmarks of a future blue-chip NFT, it could well pay to get in early on this one and reap the rewards further down the line!

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VektorX NFT Details

5.0 rating

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VektorX NFT
5.0 rating
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