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Here are the newest NFT drops dropping This month on our NFT Drop Calendar! all details on each drop can be found including mint price, total mintage available, website, and discord for each project. NOTE: Please DYOR on each drop before minting or buying some NFTs are scams.

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NFT Drops Calendar For This Year

Got an NFT Drop that is upcoming? Click the add your project link below to get added to the drops calendar for this month or next, I charge to weed out the poor NFT projects and the scammers, that’s why here at you will find way better drops that are actually worth minting!

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Upcoming NFT Drops

Upcoming drops that have been added using our free listing option are below it’s free to add your drop here but only if you follow our listing instructions…Here are the upcoming NFT drops for this year.



Not far away from the Motherland Ethereum in a dusty part of Polygon were living 7777 strange creatures known as Katmonstarz.

Those lonely & cute monsters wanted to escape for a better world. The only way for them was to join forces as a kat pack. Soon enough they will meet their real masters the Playmonstarz on Ethereum, but at what cost?

More than just a collection of 7,777 badass kitties, KatMonstarz is a lifestyle, a dream, a grain of Meow in an ocean of degens. Let’s get out our cat litter box to create a web3 brand where everyone will be able to contribute. Half of this supply will be free 2 mint, ONLY If you have a free mint pass.

Drop date: June the 25th 2022

Supply: 7777

Mint price: 50% free with a mint pass otherwise 7 MATIC

Emoji Bosses

Supply: 3621

Mint price: 0.1 ETH

Mint date: 29 may 2022

A collection of 3 621 Emoji Bosses: Your favorite emoji characters come to life to become Emoji Bosses. The Emoji Bosses are well-known emoticons drawn from thousands of emojis, animated and registered in the Ethereum blockchain



Drop date: 5th June 2022 (Presale + WL) 6th June 2022 Public

Supply: 2022

Mint price: 0.055 Eth for OG users, 0.066 Eth for WL users, and 0.077 Eth for Public



90s worlds


Drop date: 15th May 2022

Supply: 234

Mint price: 0.6 SOL


Other Nft Drops On The Calendar This Week

Is your drop missing? Get in touch 🙂 Always do your own research.

May 6th

Llama Scape – 0.10 ETH – Website Here

The Humanians – 0.09 ETH – Website Here

BLVCK PARIS – 0.20 ETH –Website Here

May 7th

The Alphines – 1.25 ETH – Website Here

May 8th

Big 3 Ownership – 1.75 ETH – Website Here

Super Hero NFT Wars – 0.02 ETH – Website Here

Boo ThingsWebsite Here

Slime Factory – 0.05 ETH – Website Here

Sixth Resau – 0.25 ETH – Website Here

May 9th

PharaGods – 0.20 ETH – Website Here

Bad Kid Club – 0.1 ETH – Website Here

May 10th

Time Shuffle – 0.08 ETH – Website Here

May 11th

Alpha Bulls – 0.08 ETH – Website Here

May 12th

Martian Monkeys – 0.03 ETH – Website Here

May 13th

Kozuki – 0.06 ETH – Website Here

HAPE Teens – 0.04 ETH – Website Here

The Uncanny Country Club – 0.05 ETH – Website Here

May 14th

Droppies – 0.07 ETH – Website Here

May 15th

Pig Gang – 0.02 ETH – Website Here

May 16th

Heroes Of Metaverse – 0.07 ETH – Website Here

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Future NFT Drops To Watch…

local weather nft

Local Weather

Release date: Possibly May but TBA

Amount: TBA

Price: TBA

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