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The solar flares are growing daily. It’s no longer a matter of if they’ll reach our planet of Nia, but when. Everything will be scorched, water will evaporate, the air will burn, and all life will cease.

But there is hope. Our physicists have discovered a portal to a world not unlike our own, in another galaxy. The portal will only open for a short period, and when it does, we’ll need to get as many species through as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Biologists are currently collecting creatures from all corners of the globe, and one or two places beyond it. They’re using whatever they can to package up these 7,000 creatures for safe travel – jam jars, candy jars, even cafetieres.

Help us save them, by becoming an Arkivist and collecting as many as you can. By joining us, you won’t just save the species you love, you’ll be in with a chance of securing safe transfer to the new world of Anfar where a new adventure awaits.

Drop date: TBA

Supply: 7000

Mint price: TBC

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Here is the roadmap so far for Arkivisits NFT…

Phase 1

  • Mint – 7,000 creatures to be collected by our community of Arkivists
  • Arkivists Checklist – details to be released on the optimum collection for safe passage to the next planet
  • Journey Accessories – airdrop of essential items to travel with from Nia
  • Travel Passes – Arkivists travel passes issued

Phase 2

  • Short animated film of the journey from Nia to the next galaxy – community involvement
  • New Planet Creatures – we meet our new friends (or are they) on landing in the new galaxy

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