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The Kartel have hit the blockchain! 10,000 random and autogenerated NFT’s that provide access to the most hardcore, and underground members club in blockchain history, controversy is our middle name! This ERC 721 token acts as a membership card with added utilities, and perks, most of which will only be revealed to Kartel members/Golden Eaglez holders.

golden eaglez kartel

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Info on our Primary roadmap other than what has already been stated is reserved for Golden Eaglez Kartel Members.

20% SOLD

Members-only Discord initiated + collection listed on Rarity Tools

40% SOLD

Mystery Drop initiated

60% SOLD

5 ETH deposited to the Kartel Community Stash Vault 

80% SOLD

ZTASH Token Deployed

100% SOLD

Mystery & ZTASH Airdrop

golden eaglez kartel


1 – 3 Golden Eaglez makes you an associate of the Kartel and gives you access to the members club. 4 – 8 Golden Eaglez makes you a soldier with ‘jobs’ available where you can earn ‘drops’ Work your way up to the top of the 7 ranks to get the status of Boss, where you name and run your own family within the Kartel.

Rank Perks

Holders of certain ranks will be eligible for airdrops of the ZTASH Token, and other NFT drops like ‘Packz Dropz’, and ‘Wepz Dropz’. These NFT’s will be exchangeable with the GEK Token, which can then be exchanged for ZTASH. ZTASH will be a tradeable token listed on exchanges that will be able to be swapped for Ethereum. Golden Eaglez owners of the rank of Captain, and above are eligible for random airdrops of the ‘Kartel Wives’, Wives enable the Kartel members to produce heirs and hieress’s, who add value to the Kartel families by taking on the traits from two powerful Kartel bloodlines.

Reveal will be immediately after the sold-out or after 3 days from the start of sale if the sold-out does not take place

Our Thoughts On The Golden Eaglez Kartel Drop

These are some fierce-looking eaglez, with a cheap mint price and some good quality artwork, these can excuse the pun “fly” and with a solid roadmap and a potential token looking to be launched it could certainly pay dividends to get into this one early.

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Golden Eaglez Kartel NFT Drop Details

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Golden Eaglez Kartel NFT Drop
4.8 rating
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