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4.0 rating
A prestigious NFT collection of 999 numbers. Red numbers are a prestigious and randomly generated collection of 999 red digit numbers on the matrix of the Ethereum blockchain.
4.8 rating
7,000 Unique DEGEN GANG Member NFTs are programmatically generated from a random combination of more than 180 traits. DEGEN GANG Member NFTs live on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens.
4.5 rating
We are presenting you 3500 unique Mice NFTs. The Mice House is a one-of-a-kind digital collection of NFTs stored on the Polygon Blockchain.Each Mouse is generated algorithmically by combining various traits, and each one is minutely picked and constructed to serve a certain role in The Mice House.Each mouse’s appearance is generated at random, making each mouse special and awesome. Some, however, may be rarer than others. Catch them if you can! Follow our storyline to become a part of this whimsical tale.
4.8 rating
The Kartel have hit the blockchain! 10,000 random and autogenerated NFT's that provide access to the most hardcore, and underground members club in blockchain history, controversy is our middle name! This ERC 721 token acts as a membership card with added utilities, and perks, most of which will only be revealed to Kartel members/Golden Eaglez holders.
4.5 rating
Each Ghoulie is unique, randomly generated from over 50,000 possible outcomes weighted by rarity. Traits include skulls, glasses, hats, clothing, jewellery, backgrounds and more! The Ghoulies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
4.3 rating
DAW is the main collection of 9999 NFT representing amazing Dwarfs-survivors. Each NFT is shipped as an ERC-721 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-sale TODAY (1-500 tokens with a special price 0.05 ETH | 501-1000 tokens with a special price 0.06 ETH )! Sale - 15th of September with a price 0.07 ETH!
4.0 rating
10,000 hand-drawn animated pandas in detail generated from over 200 traits. The coolest NFT pandas are utility-focused on comic creation and member benefits. A great community with 7K pandas with love and passion. Pre-sale pass is open.
3.5 rating
These are some of 7,777 Croc Collective NFTs swimming around on the Ethereum blockchain ready to croc your world. Each Croc is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits
3.3 rating
Dino Gangz, the super-powered beasts with high IQ and DeFi power. It has 9,999 randomly assembled Dino NFT collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain.
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