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Original artwork and cheap to mint

We are presenting you 3500 unique Mice NFTs. The Mice House is a one-of-a-kind digital collection of NFTs stored on the Polygon Blockchain. Each Mouse is generated algorithmically by combining various traits, and each one is minutely picked and constructed to serve a certain role in The Mice House.

Each mouse’s appearance is generated at random, making each mouse special and awesome. Some, however, may be rarer than others. Catch them if you can! Follow our storyline to become a part of this whimsical tale.

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Presale: Oct 12th 9 AM UTC

Launch: Oct 12th 5 PM UTC

Total supply: 3500

mint price: 0.045 ETH

The Story

Mice House is a safe haven carefully created for 3500 different mice who live and cause havoc by nibbling blocks on the Polygon blockchain. Each mischievous mouse is an original member of the Mice House community, that can be spotted in the warmest and deepest part of the food-rich metaverse.

They’ve arrived, and no one can stop them from getting their Digi-cheese. They’re so quick they can’t be caught, cute at first glance, but so mean that they prank and mock all other NFTs. They are a well-organized mouse family that looks after each other but acts as a mafia when someone tries to provoke them.

Their burrow is its special universe, with mice in complete control, driving cheese-powered cars, working, living, partying, and bringing loot from raids all over the network. By obtaining at least one of them, you will be joining a small and yet unstoppable crew on a mission to rule the entire Polygon network.


The Mice House Initial Sale will take place on (date) on our website. After you purchase your Mouse, you will own full commercial rights as long as you retain ownership. In the further text, you will be able to see our every step and our plans for the future. Every milestone will be unlocked when a certain % of Mice is minted.

10% Sold – First Airdrop!. 25 random early purchasers will have a chance to receive one Mice NFT as giveaway.

25% Sold – 15 ETH donation/charity fund for the charity of your choice. Follow our Discord and Twitter accounts to participate in the pool and you will get a chance to vote on future developments.

50% Sold – Airdrop Mice 3D NFT and work file for 3d print to 10 random early purchasers and fans in Discord. We already have a demo in the FUTURE section.

75% Sold – Rarity ranking bot and sales bot on our Discord, notifying you of all sales, floor price, and more.

100% Sold – 20 ETH donation/charity fund for the charity of your choice. Community Grant Fund of 10 ETH for all our marketing experts, developers, and possible partners with amazing ideas. Half of all royalties will go to the community grant fund.

Our Thoughts On The Mouse House Drop

The mice house is an original-looking Polygon nft project that is sure to grab a lot of attention come the mint day, with a low mint price and a good community behind them it’s well worth trying them out.

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4.5 rating

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The Mice House
4.5 rating
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