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Earth has run out of resources essential for the survival of humankind. Humanity is on the brink of destruction. Maybe with a little bit of luck, we can find the means for life outside of Earth. It is up to you and your fellow explorers to go deep into the vast unknown. The final frontier. Space. To find the resources to survive.

There are 12 different types of planets. You will use the Proof-Of-Work consensus algorithm to mine them. The process is basically what Bitcoin and Ethereum miners do: finding a hash based on the last mined token hash and your own unique address. This hash should meet a certain criteria. The difficulty and cost to mine is determined by a number of planets in existence. Every time planet count doubles or is halved, mint cost and difficulty will also be double or halved respectively. The mining process will be run on your browser. The early ones should be mined in a few seconds.

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