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Floppy’s have invaded the blockchain and are up to mischief. Join us on this crazy journey venturing into the Meta-Galaxy.

Drop date: TBA

Supply: 10000

Mint price: TBA

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floppy nft drop

Floppy is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs that draw breath on the Blockchain.

The collection is passionately designed and masterfully crafted from a set of fun and charming design traits, each with their own appeal and unique characteristics

Floppy NFT holders can participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, character and story development, game and series production, world-building, and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the party, make friends, and have a blast!


In a Meta-Galaxy not so far away, on a space rock not too different from ours, lies home to a nation of mischievous creatures…


They drift aimlessly throughout the Meta-Galaxy, seeking for the highest moons and hardest of diamonds. Partying wherever they go; they leave nothing but chaos, party cups, questionable substances and unwashed dishes in their wake.

The Meta-Galaxy PoPos have been after these troublemaking punks for decades. But always seem to be one step behind; only to find trails of FUD sauce and FOMO dips.

The Floppys continues to zoom through the Meta-Galaxy on their rocket-powered moon rock. Gaining allies along their journey and venturing deeper into the ever-expanding Meta-Galaxy.

Who knows what the Meta-Galaxy has installed for the Floppys…

Join us to find out!

floppy nft


Floppy owners will have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the project. Avatars are just the beginning and we will need your input to make decisions about the direction of Floppy along the way. A Floppy community member that holds 5+ NFT’s will be able to vote on ideas using the Governance part of our website.
We will eventually develop merchandise, cartoon series, mobile/console games, collectible figures, apps, comics, and much more. All together with the contribution and involvement of the NFT holders, in a wholesome creative process.

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