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7500 random Hero & Villains NFTs living on the Solana blockchain meaning zero gas fees on mint with 6 stages of evolving powered by the Masterbrews team.

Exclusive partnership with, hand-drawn coloured and inked comic book style NFTs by Marvel/DC Legend Mark Mckenna, Jay Defoy and Mark Campbell.

With over 40 million possible combinations but only 7500 NFTs.

Drop date:

Mint price: 2.5 SOL

Supply: 7500

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FAQ On Heroes & Villains

Q1 How much will each NFT cost?

Mints will be priced at 2.5 SOL each. If you hold a HeroPass or VillainPass, then you save 10% and pay just 2.25 SOL each.

Q2 Do I get to select if I want a Hero or Villain

No. Each mint goes through six stages of evolution which ultimately (and randomly) determines their final alignment. We do not know how many heroes and how many villains there will be.

Q3 How long does each evolutionary phase take?

72 hours.

Q4 How many NFTs are available for mint?


Q5 Which marketplaces will the Collection be listed on post-sale?

Heroes & Villains will be exclusive to Solanart.

Q6 What are the mint limits?

Mints will be limited to 1 per transaction and 10 per wallet address.

Q7 What do royalties look like?

Royalties will be set at 5%. They will be split between the Creators and Community and used to fund ongoing project development.

Q8 What wallet should I use?

While our minting site will support the most popular Solana options, we highly recommend Phantom wallet.

Q9 What do I do if I have unanswered questions?

Join us in Discord where our team and community will be happy to help you out!Q10Heroes or Villains?

Villains, obviously. If you don’t know, now you know, Hero.

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