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First of a kind, 3D rendered, avatar collection of 8888 women. With attentiveness to detail, the female avatars have 111 unique physical traits and individual characteristics, accessories, and backgrounds. The Women of Crypto are diverse, yet, one of a kind, so as to digitally represent and celebrate the special traits particular to every single woman of the world.

This project is a promise to restlessly work towards the education and empowerment of underrepresented individuals in the world of crypto.

Fundamentally, our efforts are invested in bridging the gender gap, aiming to inspire and invigorate more women to participate in the world of crypto. Collective and indiscriminate effort facilitates inclusivity.

With open arms, we encourage and invite everyone to acknowledge the “Woman of Crypto” inside of them.

Drop date: February 2nd 2022

Supply: 8888

Mint price: TBA

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Founder – Women of Crypto

From an early age, Amy Matsushima has displayed an innovative, entrepreneurial, and unbounded anima. You could say it all began in 3rd grade, wherein she recalls selling her own hand-crafted bracelets during recess. After two weeks, the demand rose, and she hired and trained fellow 8 year olds to optimize the production of the bracelets, thus, optimizing revenue.

In 2019, she began investing and trading, powering her fascination with cryptocurrency and its historical significance. In that same year, she entered the car and boating rental business, and presently remains active in the venture.

No matter the entrepreneurial stride, her gender has raised eye-brows, often finding herself to be the only woman amongst men in these enterprises. In the Marina, whether she is walking to her boat, or driving it, her conversations often start with, “Yes, it’s my boat,” or “Yes, I know how to drive it.” Daily, she is reminded of the gender gap (both financially and epistemically), not only in the realm of entrepreneurship as a whole, but now in the world of cryptocurrency.

Nonetheless, these disparities further motivate her to actively pursue and work towards educating and empowering underrepresented individuals. Ultimately, she is committed to inducing the shift necessary to ensure the equal opportunity of women in the global marketplace. With this current opportunity, she firmly believes every person has a place on the blockchain, and should feel able to partake in this technological and financial revolution at hand.

She is a Woman of Crypto.

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