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5.0 rating
We’re a collection of 10,000 almost truly wild chameleons, evolved out of 220+ unique assets.
5.0 rating
The Awakening is an NFT collection of algorithmically generated ERC721 tokens based on 10 unique characters who have been augmented by the Galactic Pulse, a cosmic event that occurs once every 10,000 years. Heroes will be sold exclusively on this website via the “mint” feature. Both price and drop dates will be announced at a later date. Each character and trait is tied to actual events within the comic, allowing you to own a piece of the story.
5.0 rating
A pioneering breakfast inspired NFT collection consisting of 1,000 digitally generated emotive JPG art. ToastPunk toast face designs are inspired by the popular 'Roblox' game series while the bread, cheese, face emotion and intensities derive from real-life shareable moments. Each ToastPunk first ownership gives access to owners-only perks in ToastPunk's near future metaverse roadmap. ToastPunk owners can use their NFT art as their display picture, bridging emotional connections with their loved ones and as a reminder of the constant evolution of the old ("real life") and the new ("digital").
4.0 rating
Beard-Gang Land is a collection of 8, 888 Unique, Utility NFTs called Goatees living on the block-chain. It is the first ever NFT dedicated to men's grooming and evoking conversations about men's health. Movember and No shave November are fast approaching. You can join the movement now through blockchain. Movember and No-Shave November are month-Long journeys during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversations around men’s health and raise cancer awareness.
5.0 rating
Having stepped through a strange and mysterious portal, ultimate degen, Leatherface, finds himself in the metaverse. Armed with his trusty chainsaw and a mask for every occasion, he embarks on a bloody blockchain massacre, aping into projects and carving his way through an array of NFT characters, trying on their traits for size…
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We need you to help these Lost Apes find a new home. Adopt these Lost Apes and help keep Harambe’s babies and his legacy alive.
5.0 rating
Genetically Engineered Species - Mutant Ether Babies 10,000 unique species living on the Ethereum ERC721 Network.
4.5 rating
The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee uniquely captures the life and work of Stan, memorializing his likeness on some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn. A tribute to his friend Stan and the icons he helped forge, this collection is one of Rob's proudest works. For the initial sale, each NFT will come with the accompanying physical artwork signed by Stan. His hope is that on the blockchain, these pieces will live forever. 10 1/1 NFTs that will be auctioned for 48 hours starting October 27th at 5 PM PT.
5.0 rating
GHØST GIRL'S vision for Glitch Girls is to create dynamic contrasting characters (Light and Dark) that can then be fused together to create new combinations. She's chosen items and color ways that are opposing yet complementary to each other with this in mind.
4.8 rating
The International Space Agency has discovered that on October 24th 2021 at 7 PM UTC a rupture in the space time continuum will occur, which will result in the creation of 9.999 Solmons. The infamous collector and ruler of planet 42069 “Zamega” will send the notorious “Solanian's” to catch ‘em all. Adopt your own Solmon to keep them safe from the Solanians.
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