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4.0 rating
Everyone who loves and appreciates hip-hop culture has probably heard and knows what Doggyland is. In our case, a collection of 10,000 dogs in stunning gangster style straight out of the '90s and '00s
4.5 rating
The goal of Primates is to create a brand that facilitates a seamless adoption of the web3 space through our community-fueled ventures and collaborations.
3.5 rating
This NFT moves, just like the market, just as our net worth.
5.0 rating
Rare Folk is a series of programmatically generated characters based on the ERC-721 standard and consists of 10,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
5.0 rating
A community of like-minded people with a love for NFTs, sports, and sports betting. Take your place among our 10,000 bears, predicting, competing, and collaborating for their share of more than 450ETH.
5.0 rating
“Chordus”, from ancient Latin, means “aftermath”, a name given to the galaxy after the devastating results that followed the dark intergalactic war. For thousands of years the five empires tried to establish dominance and rule the universe.
5.0 rating
The Old Master Memes are a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated and beautifully animated NFTs. Each OMM has a story to tell and is a tribute to the "old" and the "new" era. It transports well-known content embedded in a beautiful artwork. In addition, each OMM is prepared for a real-world experience at your home.
4.3 rating
LlamaPalooza is a collection of 10,000 stake-able Llamas living on Ethereum blockchain! Take care of your Llama, yield $GRASS tokens and participate in regular competitions for hundreds of ETH!
5.0 rating
We’re a collection of 10,000 almost truly wild chameleons, evolved out of 220+ unique assets.
5.0 rating
Genetically Engineered Species - Mutant Ether Babies 10,000 unique species living on the Ethereum ERC721 Network.
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