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In the year 2022, the metaverse has become a reality, human life as we know it is now linked to the virtual world like never before. Unfortunately, the metaverse has now been infected by the zom.exe virus. Everything that exists in the metaverse has been altered by the zombie virus.
4.3 rating
DAW is the main collection of 9999 NFT representing amazing Dwarfs-survivors. Each NFT is shipped as an ERC-721 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-sale TODAY (1-500 tokens with a special price 0.05 ETH | 501-1000 tokens with a special price 0.06 ETH )! Sale - 15th of September with a price 0.07 ETH!
4.0 rating
10,000 hand-drawn animated pandas in detail generated from over 200 traits. The coolest NFT pandas are utility-focused on comic creation and member benefits. A great community with 7K pandas with love and passion. Pre-sale pass is open.
4.5 rating
CryptoDads is 10,000 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the greatest dads themselves. Each dad found themselves in the midst of a midlife crisis and fell into the dark abyss of shit coins and expensive jpegs of rocks. Some made it out with diamonds, and others never recovered.
4.3 rating
The Beatnik Tikis are a tribe of procedurally generated NFT avatars created on the Ethereum blockchain. There are over 150 possible attributes, and some are much rarer than others. Every Tiki is unique and stored as an ERC-721 token hosted on IPFS.
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